How to Turn a Girl On

How to Turn a Girl OnHave you ever wondered how to turn a girl on? The tips & tricks you’re about to read will help you to become a sex expert and give your girl even more than she has ever dreamed of. With the knowledge you’re about to gain, you’ll not only be able to turn a girl on faster, but you’ll also be able to arouse her and excite her mind. All at once.

Foreplay is important.

There are multiple ways to turn a girl on and the good thing is that they’re all different. Mix up all these tips & tricks to make her crave for you inside her. Before we start, keep in mind that foreplay is more important for women than for men. Women are turned on gradually; they need more time to get turned on, but have greater and more orgasms during sex. Spend some more time on foreplay, and tease her to get her on the same level. This will not only make her much hornier, but also give you some time to take a deep breath and flatten your chances of premature ejaculation.

Arouse her in public.

Girls love the feeling of sexual arousal intermingled with the fear of somebody discovering the sexy and exciting things the two of you are doing. Slip your hand into her pants or down her shirt when she least expects it or get touchy when the two of you are in a crowded place. She’s forced to refrain from moaning and shaking, which makes the whole idea even sexier. Don’t overdo this though; make sure that nobody (including your girl) feels awkward about it.

In Da Club.

When the two of you are in a club or at a party, grind her from behind to make her go crazy. Let her feel what you have in your pants to arouse her. The naughty thought of her feeling your package in public will turn her on instantly.

Kiss her neck and ears.

A girl’s neck is extremely sensitive and therefore a good starting point if you want to turn a girl on. Not only her neck needs some attention, spend some time on her ears as well. Especially a girl’s ear lobes are very sensitive. Nibbling her ear lobes and kissing her neck definitely turns her on, particularly when you caress her at the same time. Gently stroke the other side of her face, hips or breasts, while kissing her ears or neck for maximum effect.

The Power of a Sensual Kiss.

Do not ever forget the power of a passionate and sensual kiss. It is the first move toward sexual escalation and it should never be forgotten if you want to turn a girl on. Girls love kissing and cuddling. Good for us guys, because it’s easy to start with. From making out with her, it’s easy to proceed to kissing her neck and nibbling her ears to turn her on.

Whisper in her ears.

Since a girl’s ears are very sensitive and women are sensitive to what men say, gently whispering in her ears what you’re about to do to her will surely bring her to a higher level. Tell her exactly what you’re about to do to her with a smooth, slow and gentle voice and she’ll visualize every detail. Not only men are turned on by visualizing sex, women are too. Visualizing the naughty moves you’re about to do to her, will turn her on instantly.

Direct or Romantic.

You can also whisper in her ear how beautiful she is or compliment her, but telling her what you’re about to do to her will have more effect. A combination of both will do even better. This will not only turn her on because she visualizes everything you say, but also because she feels that you’re the one in charge. You take the lead, whisper lovely words in her ears and tell her what you’re going to do to her, which displays lots of confidence.

Know her fantasies.

If you don’t her very well or you’re just not so sure about the sexual fantasies she likes, start talking about some fantasy that involves her to test the waters. Focus on her when telling your fantasy and whisper every little detail in her ear to make her go crazy.

If you know her well, you probably have talked about her fantasies once. Turn the lights down low, light a candle, touch her and tease her. Talk about a sexual fantasy of hers that you’re about to make come true. This will get her blood to rush and make her adrenaline pump.

Stroke her thighs

A woman’s thighs are very sensitive. Especially her inner thighs can be erotically stimulated very easily. Touch and stroke her inner thighs and let your hand linger close to her vagina every now and then. You can even let your hand linger on her vagina and push gently. This will stimulate her physically and emotionally, because you touch her and tease her at the same time. Furthermore it creates lots of tension, because your hand is between her legs all the time. For maximum effect, your hand shouldn’t be visible. When the two of you are under a blanket, this will surely make things exciting.

Listen to her (body).

One of the most important factors on getting a girl turned on is that you know what you’re doing. Even more important is that you know exactly which aspects of what you’re doing she likes. Listening to her verbally isn’t enough when it comes to sex; focus on her body language.

Find out what she likes.

In the beginning, you can find out what she likes by just trying things out. Listen carefully to her and remember how her body responds to the things you do. Whenever you sense a sign of discomfort, stop what you’re doing and get her relaxed and comfortable first. It is important that she feels relaxed and comfortable, but naturally this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t create any tension.

Body Language.

It is said that people communicate mostly with body language. Research confirms this; communication experts have found that a whopping 55% of what we communicate is done by using body language. Do NOT underestimate the power of nonverbal communication. Women are really good at it and it says a lot more than some of us guys think.

Use your Knowledge.

In the long run, it’s important to use what you know to your advantage and be the best lover she’s ever had. When the “tryout phase” has come to an end, you should be able to tell exactly what she likes and dislikes. Use this knowledge to your advantage and show her that you’ve picked up her signals. She’ll like you even more, not only because you’re able to turn her on in a big way, but also because you show that you’ve picked up her hints.


Even when you’ve already figured out what she likes and dislikes, there is still a lot of space for experimenting. Just be sure that you give her what she likes and she’ll be open to crazier and more exciting stuff.

Go down on her.

Going down on a girl is one of the best ways to turn a girl on, as long as you take your time. Spend some time kissing her breasts (especially nipples), belly and inner thighs before you start. Tease her by gently stroking and squeezing intimate parts of her body. Don’t stop kissing, teasing and caressing her until she almost asks you to go down on her.

When you feel you’ve reached the moment described above, lick her belly while moving your hands from the top of her body all the way down until they reach between her legs. From there stroke her outer vaginal lips, while you continue kissing her inner thighs and belly. This will definitely make her crave for more. Keep using your hands all the time to squeeze and fondle her hips, belly, breasts and legs.

How to turn a girl on: summary.

You know now that taking your time for some extensive foreplay is one answer on how to turn a girl on. Others include that you need to create tension; arouse her in public, whisper in her ears, touch her and stroke her on intimate places to get things going. Keep in mind that you listen carefully to her body. Give her what she wants, but not right away; teasing is of great importance. It will make her crave for more and that’s exactly what you need. From there it’s easy to escalate, since the two of you can’t wait much longer.