How to Impress a Girl

Learn how to impress a girl without actually trying to impress her. There are some subtle things you should keep in mind when trying to impress a girl. Read further to get to know the answer to this one million dollar question and find out what you can do to impress a girl.

Making an impression vs. impressing a girl.

A lot of men think the golden rule for making girls interested is that you need to impress girls. There is a subtle thing you should keep in mind though: Making a good impression on a girl is quite important when trying to make a girl want you. However, trying to impress her isn’t a good idea. The hardest way to impress any girl is to try to impress her, because she could perceive anything you say as bragging. Try to be a funny and confident person instead of somebody who brags.

Why bragging is bad.

You should never forget that in the game of attracting women, bragging or being a so called ‘try hard’ is an instant turnoff for women. What you actually do when you’re bragging is lower your own value. Other people will think you’re insecure, because you’re (over-)compensating by telling them how good or rich or skilled you actually are.

Now take a moment and think of somebody you know who brags a lot. Do you really like this person or having this person around ? Have you ever wondered why he or she is bragging so often ? It’s because of insecurity. A person who brags a lot suffers from some emotional or physical problem through what he or she has gone through in the past or still lives with every day. His or her mind and feelings keep telling them to cover up this “shortcoming” by bragging. Social people know this and therefore perceive bragging as not done and insecure.

How to really impress a girl ?

The above warnings shouldn’t stop you from mentioning the things you’re good at during a conversation with a girl. Key is to don’t tell her how skilled you actually are. This will make things much easier for you in the future in two ways.

(1) You don’t have to live up to certain expectations you’d have raised when telling her how skilled you are. When you tell a girl you’re really good at – let’s say – playing guitar, she’ll instantly feel the urge to see you actually play the guitar. This way she can test you to see if you’re really good at it or if you were just trying to impress her.

Now, you might think I am really good at playing guitar, so what’s the problem? Well, the problem is that, although you’re really good, you won’t be able to impress her anymore. Besides, if you aren’t that good or mess up while playing, she’ll know you were just trying to impress her or that you’re nervous when she’s around. If this ever happens, you’ll have a really hard time if you want to make a girl want you.

(2) Not telling her how skilled you are, creates an opportunity to really impress a girl, since the girl has very little expectations. When you casually drop that you play guitar during a conversation, she’ll probably ask you how long you’ve been playing. This is the moment where you should conceal some facts to be able to impress her later on. Say something that doesn’t raise any expectations, but try to show that you really like playing guitar. This way she’ll see that you’re passionate about what you like. Girls like passionate guys.

Impress a girl by ‘testing’ her.

Impress a girlWhen you talk to her, it is important to listen carefully and playfully put her in a corner now and then. Try to find any inconsistencies in what she says and ask her a question about this inconsistency. As an example, when a girl first says she’s never afraid of anything and 5 minutes later says she’s afraid of spiders, try to use this against her by asking something like: “That’s weird, a few minutes ago you told me you weren’t afraid of anything. We’re you trying to impress me or something?” This shows her that you listen carefully and that you’re playful. Furthermore it shows you can’t be won over by her looks alone. By testing her, you’re making efforts to find out if she can live up to your standards. Next to that, you convey that you’ve got lots of women to choose from in your life, which is attractive, because it allows you to choose the best.

Be the prize.

You should always and at all costs be the prize. Let her try to win you over, so you can actually get to the point where she is trying to impress you. You should be the buyer and not the seller in an interaction with a girl. You can get to this point by demonstrating value and by being good at talking to girls in general.

There’s no need to impress her.

The first thing you should do to use this tip, is to adopt the mindset that you don’t need to impress her. Furthermore, don’t tell her too much about yourself when you first meet her. Conceal some things. Let her show you that she’s a nice girl and worth your time. Not only will this help you to be the prize, but it also creates an air of mystery around you. Test her a little bit during your conversation. This will make you come across as being a little arrogant in the beginning, but try to improve a little each time. This way you’ll get it right after a few conversations.

Impress her with your social qualities.

People are social creatures, so being alpha in a social and talkative way is key when trying to make a girl want you. Jealousy is very important in this case. The best way to show that you’ve got attractive qualities is by showing them, because what is seen can’t be unseen. When you tell her you’ve got lots of friends, both men and women, she may very well think you’re trying to impress her. But when she sees you hang out with lots of happy and excited people, she’ll instantly perceive you as very social.

When you’re in a place where you don’t know many people, you can ask some friends to interrupt the two of you to ask you something “important” when you’re talking to her. She’ll perceive you as being important, since people come up to you to ask you important things. An example could be a friend of yours who asks for how long you’ll stay or which club to visit next. She’ll perceive you as the guy in charge, and thus: the social alpha male. Of course, you should strive to be the natural leader in any situation. If you are such a type, you’ll be familiar with the example described above, although you may not have been aware of it.

Impress her by letting others talk about you.

Another good way to show girls you’ve got quite some social qualities is through someone else’s opinion. You can’t describe yourself as being ‘a funny guy who cares about girls’ feelings’, because it will make you sound like a retard. But if somebody else says you are ‘a funny guy who cares about girls’ feelings’, it’s quite different and it may even go further. The people you hang out with are actually really important for your attractiveness. If you hang out with losers, you’re bound to be a loser too. Find some guys who are good with girls and who can pump you up in front of girls. Don’t forget to do the same for them.

Impress her by storytelling.

If you have a lovely, busy and adventurous life, you can subtly tell a girl about your social qualities by telling her stories about things you’ve done or plan to do. An important thing to keep in mind is that the actual subject of your story shouldn’t be your social qualities you’re telling her about. Your social qualities should be brought out subtly during the conversation. Put in your social qualities as if they are merely side notes.

How to impress a girl in the long term ?

Last but not least, how to impress a girl in the long term. The best way to impress a girl is by being the guy they all want to have in their lives. Be your best version every day, and work on improving yourself every day. Shape up, set goals and improve your inner well being. Work on your confidence. Get out there and be the social alpha male. The more you become the person you’ve always wanted to be, the more it will affect everything you do. At some point in this journey to find the best version of you, the need to impress people is faded to a point below zero and at exactly this point you’ll be more impressive than ever.