How to Get a Girlfriend

How to get a girlfriendIf you want to know everything about how to get a girlfriend, you can make things easy for yourself by reading this post and sticking to the tips & tricks we discuss in this article. Being able to make a girl fall in love with you is a good thing; if you know how to make a girl fall in love, you’ll be able to make just about any girl like you. You’ll read everything about the pre-relationship stage and what you can do to make her chase you. These are the basics you should know if you want to learn how to get a girlfriend. Let’s start !

Initial stage: four permutations.

We’ll start with a very important factor: the initial pre-relationship stage. In a good relationship love comes from both sides to the same extent. But in the pre-relationship stage, this isn’t always the case. She may have stronger feelings for you than you have for her. The other way around is possible too of course. Knowing what kind of permutation you’re dealing with is of great importance if you want to make a girl fall in love with you. Let’s consider the four permutations of love and determine the implications of each of these different possibilities for your game.

Mutual feelings: Both of you have feelings for each other.

This may very well be the best of all. Both of you are really into each other from the start, which is one of the best feelings in the world. We’re dealing with a classic win-win-situation here. You’re happy, your girlfriend is happy too and together everything is just much better. It comes with intense emotions and very strong feelings from both sides, but it’s what almost everybody on this planet is looking for. Consider yourself a lucky man when a love like this crosses your path.

Mutual feelings: Neither of you have feelings for each other.

This one can also be described best with a win-win-scenario. The two of you are just having a good time with each other. There’s nothing wrong with meeting up for some fun, as long as both of you are happy and have the same intentions. The emotions won’t be as intense as when both of you are in love from the start, but you won’t have to deal with negative consequences such as jealousy and drama either. If you’re honest with the girls you’re seeing, you can even date multiple women if you’d want to.

Non-Mutual feelings: You have stronger feelings for her than she does for you.

Every guy has been there once in his life, but it’s surely the worst-case scenario. This is definitely the opposite of when you both have feelings for each other from the start. It’s a terrible feeling and in some cases it can even be exhausting. Although you might feel powerless sometimes when you’re in this situation, there are some things you can do.

The very first and best thing you should do if she doesn’t feel anything for you is to remove yourself from the situation. We’ve all seen men pursuing girls for years without any success. Afterwards they realize that they’ve wasted valuable years of their lives. This is both unproductive and painful, so don’t ever do this.

If she has feelings for you, but they’re not as strong as yours, you should make her jealous. Date other women and let her know subtly. This way she’ll know you have lots of options, which is very attractive. Next to that treat her the same way as you treat women you’re not into. Wait a while with texting back or don’t text her back at all. To use this tactic, make sure that she doesn’t know that you’re into her. You can also use this tactic if you find yourself in the friendzone.

Non-Mutual feelings: You don’t have feelings for her, but she does have feelings for you.

This position gives you total power over the situation and as a result she won’t feel very comfortable. You should be honest at all times if you ever find yourself in this situation. If you feel like dating her to get to know her better, then go for it. If you think it’s never going to happen between the two of you, politely let her know that you’re not interested. Just tell her how you feel and let her decide.

This situation might cause her suffering, but there’s really nothing you can do. You can’t be blamed for making her want you so bad, can you? Especially if it wasn’t your intention; you’re just a ladies’ man.

Relationship control.

All of the permutations described above can be seen as some sort of power struggle. In some cases you’re powerless and in others you decide what’s going to happen next. During the initial pre-relationship stage, nature decides how to divide the roles between you and your girl. As a result you’ll either be one-up or one-down at the end of this stage. What you should do after this stage, is create a very close connection with her. This will allow you to discuss these control issues with her and create a strong bond.

How to get a girlfriend: techniques.

During the initial stage it’s important either to become the one who’s in control or to mutually share relationship control to end up with a healthy relationship. Being one-down is possible too, but not too much. Since you’re a man, show her that you’ve got some serious leader traits. If you want to accomplish this, you need some techniques in your toolbox. Applying the techniques you’re about to read, will help you to get a girlfriend. As soon as you feel that the relationship tips out of balance in her favor, use some of the techniques here to make sure that you won’t lose her interest.

Be mysterious.

To tip the scales a bit in your favor every now and then, you have to compel the girl to chase you. Don’t give her the feeling that she knows everything about you. Do not answer all her questions. If you don’t want to answer, just don’t. Don’t her tell too much about yourself or she’ll think that you’re an open book and lose interest quickly. Give her enough encouragement to keep her chasing. Make it seem as if you’re just out of her reach. Don’t be too hard to obtain either, because you’ll make her feel outclassed. Then she’ll just move on and try to forget you.

Be social.

Nearly every guy who gets lots of girls has got lots of friends, talks a lot and speaks out loud. Take the lead in conversations, meet lots of new people and project positivity. If you’re talkative, you’ll be perceived as social. More on being social and mysterious can be found here: How to get a girl to like you.

Be unpredictable.

This one is very powerful when you want to make her feel out of control. You don’t want her to feel like she owns you, so keep things random. When you’re already in a relationship you can also use this one moderately to keep her in love. Being in love and feeling out of control is processed by the same part of the brain so it’s strongly linked. Sometimes show her lots of interest and sometimes just ignore her texts or take your time to respond.

Be addictive.

Addiction arises from being unable to obtain something you want badly. Most of us have played a game once in their life. The desire to get a new high score keeps you playing. As soon as you’re close to your new high score you’ll feel some sort of rush. The same can be achieved in the pre-relationship stage by sending mixed signals. Women are experts at playing this game and tend to this naturally so pay close attention if you think she’s up to something. Send some mixed signals back her way every now and then.

There’s an easy rule to keep in mind when it comes to the amount of interest you should show: mirror her emotions. When she displays a lack of interest, you display a lack of interest too. It’s a good concept if you don’t want to get trapped by her mixed signals. It happens quite often that one person develops stronger feelings than the other, which leads to an out of balance relationship.

This system is quite reactive though and that’s why it’s a better idea to always show a little less interest than she does and be a little more disinterested than her if she displays a lack of interest. This will make sure that the two of you develop a healthy relationship. Furthermore, it gains you power and gives you the ability to take your relationship to the next level.

Basically, it all comes down to the following: when there’s something you like about her, show interest. When there’s something you don’t like, let her know by subtly displaying disinterest. Since rewarding is the strongest force to get others to do what you like, reward good behavior. Over time, this leads to an emotion of strong affection.

Be a challenge.

This has much to with being addictive. You always want those things that you can’t have. It’s the reason why some cars are so popular even though some of them aren’t that beautiful. So even if you aren’t her dream guy, you’ll still be able to create attraction easily just by being a challenge. If she can have lots of guys but can’t have you, you’ll be the only one she’s interested in. And that’s exactly what you need.

Make her chase you.

Al these tactics share a common element: control. Make sure that you make her feel out of control every now and then. The one-up is the one who’s in control, the one-down feels like he or she has less control in the situation. It all comes down to the following: make sure that she’s chasing you and you’ll be safe. The more she feels like she needs to chase you to win you over, the stronger her feelings for you will be. Sticking to the tips and tricks we’ve discussed, will make it easy for you to get a girlfriend with little effort. Good luck !