How to Get a Girl to Like You

How to get a girl to like you Have you always wanted all the answers to the question: how to get a girl to like you ? Since there are lots of men who want this question to be answered, this article will not only teach you what you should do to get a girl to like you, but also why the things you should do work. This way you’ll gain insights in important issues regarding female psychology. Social and female psychology is of great importance in the game of attraction, and understanding the basic concepts of a women’s mind will help you much further than some random tips & tricks ever would. Read further to get to know all ins and outs on getting girls to like you.

Don’t be needy.

Just like bragging, neediness is an instant turn off for any women. Lots of men tend to behave differently when they try to win over a women’s heart. In some way they try to force her feelings, but pushing the connection between the two of you into a stage that it’s not ready for yet, will only cause stress and discomfort. You should at all times be calm and laidback with taking connections or relationships to the next level or you will unintentionally give off a needy vibe. This doesn’t mean that you have to play hard to get all the time, but avoiding desperation is key if you want to get a girl to like you.

Out of every trait that a guy could possess, neediness would definitely be one of the least attractive. Neediness isn’t attractive because it shows that you need somebody else or somebody else’s opinion to feel good: it makes you less of an alpha male, since you’re not able to control your own emotional state. Most girls will instantly think something like: If this guy is not able to control his own emotional state or wellbeing, how on earth can he ever be a leader?

Be a Leader.

Girls want you to be in control. Girls want you to be the one who tells others what they should do. Girls want you to be the kind of guy who has no fears and is a leader. You should be the guy who doesn’t need anyone, but is in charge of his social group. When friends and other people you know, ask for your opinion all the time, she’ll see you as the social alpha male. Next to that, she’ll know that others value your opinion, so either you must be smart or you’ve got lots of experience. Both being smart and being experienced will make you alpha and therefore attractive.

Don’t build comfort: build attraction first.

Lots of guys tend to make a girl comfortable around them right after they first meet, but this will only hurt your chances to sleep with her. Girls aren’t seeking for comfort all the time; they want to be challenged. Take a moment to think of a close friend. Does this person make you feel comfortable? He or she probably does. If you try to make girls feel comfortable right from the moment you first meet her, you’ll end up in the so called friend zone. With bounteously complementing her or seeming eager to please her, you’ll come over as being a ‘try hard’. You shouldn’t be too hard on her though, but avoiding this desperate behavior is of the utmost essence if you want to get a girl to like you.

Be the Prize.

Instead of trying to win her over by pleasing her and complimenting her too much, you should let her try to win you over. This way you can get to a point where she tries to impress you. Be the buyer in an interaction with a girl and not the seller. Think of her as being equally attractive to you as you are to her. Adopting this mindset will make it easy for you to test her. Have fun with her and just relax in her presence. Don’t even think about hooking up with, but let the conversation flow. Things are sure to go well for you, as long as you’re relaxed and confident. Lead the conversation, be funny and ask her a question which creates some tension between the two of you every now and then.

Build Sexual Tension.

Tension is really important, because it is the basic element of sexual attraction. As soon as there’s a lot of tension between the two of you, there’s only one way to lose some: sex. Comfort is actually the opposite of tension. As a result, comfort will get you nothing but friendship, whereas tension leads to sex. You decide.

Be mysterious to get a girl to like you.

If you want to get a girl to like you, being talkative is of great importance. Nevertheless, since you should always be the prize, you can help yourself by concealing things. Doing so creates an air of mystery, which girls find attractive. For lots of girls lack of mystery is one of the reasons they don’t date their close guy friends. They already know these guys quite good and there’s nothing that could possibly blow her away. Mystery is attractive because it makes a girl want to get to know you better.

The concept of Mystery.

If we elaborate on the concept of mystery, we infer the following findings: people are curious, and if they don’t know something, they want to figure it out. Once they’ve figured it all out, that’s it. The mystery fades and as a result in most cases the interest fades too. Use this knowlegde to your advantage.

Be the social alpha male.

If you study social interactions between men and women, you should notice that there’s something that guys who get lots of girls have in common: they talk a lot and speak loudly. A reversal of this observation gives us: shy and lonely guys hardly talk and when they do, they speak softly. If you want to get a girl to like you, you should be the one who takes the lead and keeps the conversation going. Talkative guys will look more attractive than shy and quiet guys. This doesn’t mean that you should keep on talking and talking about anything. Make sure you’ve got some interesting topics and let her talk most of the time, because girls love to talk. Topics like relationships, romance or anything she’s enthusiastic about tend to do well.

Why Social is Alpha.

About a million years ago, humans weren’t as social as they are now. An individual’s attractiveness was for the most part based upon his strength. With the passage of time, regulation affected civil societies in such a way that people had to become more social to live up to expectations from others. This has led to a society in which being social will make you look alpha.

Be your best you.

You should never neglect the importance of being well groomed. Your appearance is very important when it comes to attraction. Your clothes, hairstyle and last but not least smell are the basic triggers of attraction. You shouldn’t bother to put in more effort than most guys do, since these things surely give you an edge over the competition.

Be Confident.

Not only appearance is important though, your inner well being is at least as vital. Show her that you can take control of difficult situations by taking the initiative. Work on your confidence, and become the person you’ve always wanted to be. Set goals and reach these goals. Reaching your selfset goals gives you without a doubt the best feeling ever and it will also strengthen and energize you. This positive energy then radiates in everything you do.

We’ve discussed every important factor that influences your ability to attract women in this article. In other words, you’ve got the all the answers to the question we formulated: how to get a girl to like you? Just incorporate the behavior described throughout this article and switch to auto-pilot. Be relaxed and go for it. This is the new you. The better you. The attractive you.