How to be Confident

How to be confidentSelf confidence is one of the most important factors that influence your well-being. It’s the difference between feeling and being unstoppable and feeling (but not being) worthless. Lots of self confidence can help you to get everything you’ve ever wanted and achieve your dreams, so do yourself a favor and remember everything you’ll learn from this article.

What exactly is confidence?

Confidence is in a certain way the foundation on which you build your life. If you lack confidence, you will never get everything out of your life. Insecure people feel uncomfortable being themselves and they prefer hiding themselves. As a result they miss out on opportunities that come their way and don’t live the life they’ve always wanted to live.

Self-image is important.

Your perception of yourself is an important factor in how other people see you. If you tend to display insecurity, others will think you’re insecure. If you tend to display confidence, it’s likely that you’ll succeed in many aspects of your life and will be perceived as confident. In the end it all comes down to the following: being confident allows you to live the life you’ve always wanted to live, it allows you to be yourself and be comfortable with being yourself in every possible way.

Know your strengths and use them.

In most cases feeling worthless and incapable is a result of not knowing your strengths. It’s of great importance to know what your talents are. Not only to be able to choose something to devote your time to, but also to express yourself in a way that feels good. Also, if you know your strengths you’re able to identify moments where can use them to your advantage. This will help you to try new things, accomplish things in your life, and last but not least be the person that you want to be with much more confidence than before.

How do I find my strengths?

Finding your strengths is quite easy. List all the things you love to do and that energize you in a positive way. Now, this might sound a little vague, but it is quite easy really. Find tasks, actions and hobbies you do regularly that make you feel happy, proud or good about yourself. All these emotions are closely linked to positivity and those things that cause such positive emotions tend to be your strengths.

Know your limitations and hide them.

Although being good at something can boost your confidence significantly, you should always keep your feet on the ground. Being good at a couple of things, doesn’t mean you’re good at everything. If you know your limitations, you prevent yourself from being cocky instead of confident. Being too cocky may be a sign for other people to start testing you and it will probably make you come across as arrogant. Realizing that you can’t be good at everything will not only prevent others from testing you, but it will also help you to focus on developing your strengths, and as a result increase your confidence and self-esteem. This way you’ll become even better at those things you’re already good at… an upward spiral.

Improve your posture.

The way you carry yourself tells a lot about how you feel. Keep your head up, stand up straight, focus on eye contact and be enthusiastic. Think of yourself as an important person who has important goals to reach. If you think of yourself as a man of high value, other people will be convinced that you are.

Get rid of insecure body language.

Insecure people tend to wander around without any goals and with slumped shoulders. Other people see this attitude and instantly feel and know that he or she is insecure. Practicing good posture will help you feel much more confident, because other people will perceive you as a confident person. This perception will alter the way other people treat you. Your positive and confident attitude will radiate, and attract lots of positive things. Feeling confident creates a virtuous circle, where insecurity creates a downward spiral.

Dress confident & look good.

Dress ConfidentThe way you dress is of great importance when it comes to how confident you feel. It’s not about wearing the latest fashion, but it’s about feeling good in what you wear. When you’re dressed well and feel comfortable in your clothes, you’ll feel much more relaxed. This makes it easier for you to talk in a relaxed way to just anyone. In short: wear clothes that match your personality and you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed, and act in those ways too.

Be well Groomed.

Clothing is not the only weighty factor when it comes to your physical appearance. Looking well groomed is at least as important. Having a nice and fashionable haircut, bathing frequently and shaving on a regular basis can improve your looks significantly. Looking well-groomed is attractive in many ways. First, it adds up to your confidence, because you will be noticed more often. Second, it is attractive in a sexual way, because it implies that you’re able to take good care of yourself and thus maybe of others too. And third, it makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and act in such a way too. When you look good, you feel good.

Be grateful.

Most people tend to focus on the things they desire instead of the things they already have. Don’t focus too much on what you want, but focus on gratitude instead. It’s important for your inner strength to list the things you’re grateful for each day. List your achievements, past successes and unique qualities, but do not focus on materialism.

Postivity works.

If you’re grateful for those things that you’ve achieved in life and for your loved ones, you create a positive mindset which helps you to display your gratitude to the people you love. Other people will love to hear and feel your positivity and reciprocate with positivity too.

Locus of Control.

Since you’re in charge of your own life and make your own decisions, you should develop an internal locus of control. Successful people tend to have an internal locus of control, where others see forces outside themselves as being in charge of their lifes instead of their own decisions and actions. Success really isn’t an outcome of luck, and nearly never beyond your control.

External Locus of Control: success == luck.

For people with an external locus of control it’s much harder to motivate themselves, because what they achieve is attributed to only one factor: luck. Usually this leads to laziness, because they don’t want to put forth the effort to gain success. Furthermore, they also are afraid of taking risks, since taking risks is nothing more than gambling in their opinion.

Internal Locus of Control: success == hard work & skill.

The biggest reason why some are more successful than others is that some attribute their successes internally, whereas others attribute them to things in the environment. Nearly all self-made millionaires are self-reliant persons who did what it took to improve their situation.

Believe that you can create your own luck, and you allow yourself to do so. This mindset is really important when it comes to confidence. The idea that you can achieve something by putting forth lots of effort will help you to achieve just about anything you want. If you unfortunately do make a mistake on your road to success, blame yourself and learn from what you did wrong.

The more you strive, the more you succeed. Be self-confident and self-motivated. Set your own goals and be optimistic; your destiny is in your hands. Adopt the mindset that anything you want to achieve or accomplish, is within the realm of possibility.