Alpha Male Traits

Alpha Male TraitsWhen it comes to getting girls to like you alpha male traits are indispensable. Alpha male traits make the difference between being able to get lots of girls easily and being left lingering out of sight. Men who are blessed with lots of these traits can generally be found in top sports and top management jobs, because they use their competitive qualities to the utmost power. But they do not only do well at sports and business, they tend to do well with women too.

Animal Kingdom vs. Our World.

There are lots of different types of both men and women in the world, but the alpha male always stands out. It’s in many ways similar to the animal kingdom. The leader (alpha male) is the one with the most strength and courage: the one with the strongest (natural) desire to survive. This draws the attention of the females – the reason why he stands out –, because women are attracted to men who can provide the best conditions for survival for her children. As a result the alpha male can pick out any female to mate.

In our world the same principle goes, but there are more factors that should be taken into consideration. In our world, survival isn’t that hard. Our society established a certain level of safety in which most people that have a hard time to make ends meet are supported by the public authorities when it comes to money for food and shelter. The focus thus lies on being able to provide the best habitat and lifestyle.

Alpha Male Characteristics.

Alpha males tend to dream big and they always have an internal locus of control. An alpha male does everything he needs to accomplish his dreams, because realization of his dreams will lead to a life full of fulfillment and self actualization. This is why they’re so attractive to women. They’re focused on their self set goals and pursue these goals with great determination.

Let’s have a look at some typical alpha male traits. Women are naturally attracted to alpha male traits, so be sure that you demonstrate them as much as you can. Attraction comes from the heart, not from the brain. Women say they want a man who buys her flowers and more like that, but don’t believe them. In the end they all fall for alpha male types. They can’t help it, but they feel attraction as soon as a man displays alpha male traits. It’s just how they’re wired.


An alpha male doesn’t care much what others think of the way he looks, but, because he wants to the best in life, he always dresses the best way possible. Pretty sure you’ve heard the saying: It’s the little things that count. It’s a saying to keep in mind when it comes to your looks.


An alpha male has a necklace, watch, bracelet or something else that catches the attention of others. Time is important, because he has a busy life. It’s why most alpha males wear a nice watch. Next to these accessories, an alpha male pays special attention to his shoes. Shoes for men are what rims are on cars, so make sure you own a nice pair of shoes.

Physically fit.

Alpha males pay attention to healthy living and good nutrition. They work out often and most of them are competitive and as a result good at sports. It’s good for their health and strength and it helps them to become more focused on their goals. It’s the reason why alpha males tend to be masculine or at least well build.


Alpha males have strong beliefs that help them to achieve success. Important beliefs are listed below.

Locus of Control.

All alpha males have an inner locus of control. Their achievements are the result of their inputs and they learn from their failures. An alpha male believes that his destiny is in his own hands. He’s in control of his life. It’s what motivates them to reach their goals. But it’s not only important that you attribute success internally: the same principle goes for failure. If you – as an alpha male –  make a mistake on the road to success, blame nobody but yourself. Find out what you did wrong, learn from it and try something different next time. Success is just a few failures away. Those who do not fail are those that do not even try.


Women aren’t an alpha male’s first goal, because the focus of life is pursuing his goals. Both women and sex are important, but they’re side benefits of a life full of success and confidence. He doesn’t even think about buying a woman flowers or something else to win her over. You’ll never see him carrying a woman’s handbag or doing her another favor to earn her approval.

Never impressed.

Alpha males are hard to impress. They’ve seen it all before, because they’re living a busy life full of joy. It’s not arrogance or pride that makes it hard to impress them, it’s just that they’ve already heard or seen those things that others think of as very interesting or funny.


Some typical behavioral alpha male traits are listed below. Most of them have something to do with confidence.

Body language.

Alpha males are naturally very good at expressing what they want and how they feel with their bodies. When talking to women the most important signal that you should convey is confidence. Since alpha males are self-confident, they display it all the time and in every situation. Confidence is the most important traits of all alpha male traits. If you want to know more on this subject, be sure to check out our article about confidence. Women tend to be good at reading body language signals, so they’re naturally attracted to alpha males.

Busy Life.

Alpha males have places to go and people to meet. They’re very social but don’t have the time to wait for anyone for longer than 15 minutes when the other person is late. Time is a valuable asset for pursuing his goals, so he doesn’t waste it. For no one.


Alpha males are funny.  Alpha males have a good sense of humor. An alpha male knows how to make others laugh and people think he’s interesting because he shares funny stories with everyone. People share his funny stories with others what helps him to get known and gain a good reputation.

Glory taker.

Alpha males take the glory. When somebody comes up with a good idea, the alpha male tweaks it and makes it his. And so are the credits… The same goes with a good joke. When somebody tells a cool or funny story, he takes it one further to steal the laugh.

Internalizing Alpha Male Traits.

We’ve listed some of the most common alpha male traits for you in this article. We’re sure that you were already familiar with most of these traits, but it’s never a bad thing to refresh your memories. Make sure that you’ve got goals to reach and use your alpha male traits as much as you can. You’ll live a life full of success in a body filled with confidence. Good luck !